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World Cruise To-Do List




The end of the year is almost here, and that means World Cruise passengers set sail very soon – some of you have less than a month to go! 

Any cruise needs a little preparation, but when you’re going to be away for weeks and months at a time it’s even more important to check every little detail. We’ve put together a quick list to help you get ready and have a relaxing Christmas before your cruise…


1.    Pack The Essentials

Getting stuck without sunblock or antacid tablets can be a problem if you’re on a short cruise, but on a longer cruise it can cost you a fortune!

Make sure you have enough socks, band-aids, headache tablets, and anything else you use daily or occasionally so you don’t have to buy it on board.


2.    Organise and Pack Medication

A big “essentials” category – it’s so important we’ve given it its own section!

Your regular and occasional medication should be a top priority, and remember to pack extra in case you’re delayed or lose some.

It isn’t always possible to replace the exact medication and dosage while you’re on board or at a remote port, and any replacements you do find will be expensive.

Make sure you keep enough medication in your handbag/carry-on luggage to see you through a few days in case of lost luggage or delays. You may not have access to your luggage right after boarding the cruise either, so be sure to carry enough for that time too.

You’ll probably need to arrange prescriptions in advance with your doctor and pharmacy so if you haven’t done this yet, contact them TODAY!


3.    Cruise Insurance

You’ll have purchased cruise insurance by now, but do you need to update any details? It may be a while since you filled in those forms, so it’s important to read through and ensure that everything is accurate.

·         Have you had any new medical conditions diagnosed?

·         Is a new condition (or symptom) being investigated/treated?

·         Are you taking any new/different medication?

·         Will you be participating in any activities that require additional cover, e.g. hot air balloon rides?

Don’t forget about this, as having the incorrect details can make your entire policy invalid.

Make sure you have your travel insurance Schedule and Policy Wording where it’s easy to find. Every year, we have a few travellers who leave relocating this until the last minute and panic ensues! If you can’t find these documents before you depart, arranging copies in time can be difficult.


4.    Home insurance

Will you be away longer than the maximum on your home insurance policy?

This is often overlooked as we tend to just assume home insurance is always there, but you may need to arrange special cover for a longer trip.

Make a list of items to unplug/disconnect before you go to avoid wasted electricity and water, and to prevent damage in case something goes wrong when no-one’s home to notice. Unplug TVs, make sure the heating’s off, and even defrost that fridge and freezer. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save on bills with a few small switch-offs while you’re away.


5.    Safety Planning

Nobody likes to think about things going wrong, but being prepared is vital in today’s world.

Before you depart, make sure you and your travel partner/group know what to do in case of an emergency.

·         Someone must know where you are at all times.

·         Who can they contact if there’s a problem?

·         Who has copies of cruise insurance, passports, tickets, etc.?

·         Does the cruise operator also have these details?

If you’re going to busy markets or attractions, arrange a meeting point in case you’re separated from the group, and ALWAYS carry the cruise’s contact details on paper and on your mobile.

No doubt you’ll have your own personal reminders to add to this list. We hope it provides a helpful start and that you embark on your World Cruise with every detail just right!