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Why is it NOT a good idea as a couple to have separate travel insurance policies?


We see this a lot, and it is false economy....


Just supposing you and your partner have your own separate travel insurance policies..... have you actually thought about what a risk this could be?


Let us look at some different scenarios first;

) Husband has travel insurance with his bank account, or maybe his credit card offers protection for him, maybe his work provide his travel insurance - his wife buys her own policy.

) Husband or wife have a lot of pre-existing medical conditions, the spouse has none. So they buy separate travel insurance policies, in the belief that at least one of them can get a cheaper insurance premium.

No matter what the reason, the outcome will always be the same
- because neither is named on the other person's travel insurance policy.

So what does this mean in reality?

The answer is simple but the consequences are quite the opposite

If husband fell ill and they needed to cancel their holiday
- the insurance for the husband would only settle his portion of the cancellation, it would not pay for his wife's portion.
The wife's insurance would not settle her part of the claim, because the husband is not named on her policy
. In this scenario it was his medical conditions that meant they had to cancel, not hers. Hence she is not financially protected IF these were known medical conditions at the time the poliy was purchased.

In a worse case scenario
Let us assume they had travelled to Spain
- the husband became ill and needed hospital treatment, he was in hospital for a day beyond his scheduled date to return home. His wife stayed on with him and managed to extend her hotel accommodation. They missed their flights home and needed to buy new return flight tickets - his insurance would pay for his, but again his wife's insurance would not be liable to pay for her extra accommodation or flight.
This is because her husband was not named on her policy and because his illness caused the claim
. She would only be covered if she became ill.

Far worse scenarios can and do happen

If you and your husband, wife or partner are not both insured on the same travel insurance policy, then you risk far more than you could ever stand to gain, by having your own separate policies
. Insure together and take this risk away.