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Why Travel Insurance Needs Innovation




“The world is becoming increasingly accessible for many people, but the consequences of that include the fact that travellers now have more varied and challenging exposure to a wider variety of risks. Comprehensive travel insurance now has to pre-empt the risks and fill the gaps.” – SME News Finance Awards 2019, writing about ITHC being named Most Innovative Travel Insurance Provider 2019*.

ITHC (International Travel and Healthcare Ltd.) is Onestop4’s parent company, and we’re pleased as punch to be included in this prestigious award. An unwavering commitment to delivering “nothing short of comprehensive cover” has made us what we are today, and makes our policies some of the most flexible in the business. We are able to cover just about anything you could possibly need covered and with a range of options that give you control what’s covered and therefore over what you pay.

This is also a very big deal to us because we never enter awards or nominate ourselves – we were nominated and voted for by people who love what we do!


Our Changing World

These days, every traveller’s needs are so different. Sure, we all want cover for the basics like accidents or lost luggage, but we have the ability to tailor a policy to your personal circumstances, plans and budget.

Back in the old days, only the younger, more active crowd were regular travellers, but now science has advanced and the world has become so much more accessible. Travellers with all sorts of medical conditions and requirements can enjoy so many adventures and experiences!

Changing needs don’t only apply to individual medical conditions though. There are unique destination risks (getting snowed in at ski resorts, for example), plus the activities you choose, cover for natural catastrophes like floods, hurricanes and volcanoes (so often excluded or limited by other providers) where you can stick with our standard cover, or choose extra peace of mind that includes larger amounts, as well as cover for acts of terrorism… And don’t forget there are options to cover your travel companions and non-travelling sick relatives too!


Peace Of Mind

That cover for acts of terrorism is a great example of ITHC’s innovation, and it was highlighted by SME News. This cover was originally launched as Safe Journey – a policy that can be added on to any other travel insurance, from any provider – and that’s still an extremely popular one. We were the first to offer such comprehensive cover for terrorism when travelling locally and internationally.

To make things simpler for Onestop4: customers, we made that same terrorism cover part of our “Extra Peace Of Mind” option, so you don’t have to worry about buying it separately from your main policy. It offers all the benefits of Safe Journey, including the option to cancel or curtail your trip if your destination is attacked.**

The world keeps changing and as always, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the travel industry, global trends, and insurance markets so we can keep updating our policies and services to keep providing the tailor-made cover that works best for you. Innovation is our key to providing you with cover that meets your changing needs, and it’s at the heart of our plans for 2020 and beyond.


Thank you again for your support, and all the best for this exciting new decade!




*Read the full story at - we’re on pg. 14

You can also read more about the awards here.

**Cancellation applies if there’s an act of terrorism anywhere within 40 miles of your travel destination, up to 6 weeks before your departure date, if you feel “disinclined to travel.”

Curtailment means we’ll bring you home if you’re already travelling and there’s an act of terrorism within 4 miles of your accommodation.

Please read the full Ts&Cs in our Policy Wording.