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Travel Insurance That WILL COVER a Sick Relative

It’s a problem many of us face: we’re desperate for a holiday, but we have an immediate family member who is not in good health, and we know our trip would depend upon them being well enough for us to travel.

There are three different approaches to this that the travel insurance industry will offer you:


1. No cover at all

This is the most frequent situation if the person is known to have pre-existing medical conditions. Let’s discount this one straight away because it’s not the answer you are looking for – you already know they have problems with their health.

2. Cover, but only with medical certification

In other words, you can be covered if a medical professional will certify that there is no expectation at the time that you buy your insurance that their (your relative’s) health will worsen and affect your ability to travel.

Be Warned. There will usually be some caveats hidden in this; the most likely one is that if their condition does worsen before you travel, then you need to let the insurer known – and in doing so; you may face the possibility that the insurer will want to come off cover due to significant circumstances and have to refund your insurance premium. This won’t help you very much, because you would only get your premium returned and NOT the cost of the trip that you may lose. You also are faced with no insurance for a trip you may well still be able to take.


3. Cover for the health of non-travelling immediate relatives.

Onestop4 are able to help with this. It is fairly unique in the insurance market but is offered because we understand the nuances of what problems you may be aware of, and definitely want cover for – because it’s the only thing stopping you from taking a much needed break.

It is subject to a medical screening being done with the family member that you want added onto your policy for your ability to cancel or curtail your trip, but it will give you the financial protection that you are looking for if:

·         Their health deteriorates and you can’t travel and need to cancel your trip – you are covered up to the sum you have insured per person for cancellation.

·         You need to curtail your trip because their health has deteriorated and you are needed back in the UK – you are covered for the pro-rata cost of your missed holiday period. So if you are 4 days into a 14 day holiday, 10 days-worth of the value of your trip would be refunded.

This option is available for you to consider if the total cost of your holiday is under £16,000. It is subject to the medical screening being satisfactory and it will increase the cost of your insurance, but probably not by as much as you would expect.


“Ah,“ you might think, “They won’t cover someone who has cancer, or heart conditions, will they?” Well that’s not strictly true, because we do insure people who have received a terminal diagnosis, and we do insure people who have known heart failure, but it is very much down to the individual’s current health situation and is therefore well worth making a call that won’t cost you anything other than your time (0800 848 8448) to ask us more about this.

It's also really easy to click here and get a no-obligations online quote, which will give you a decision straight away.

What have you got to lose? It’s a possibility you may never have known existed, and it could give you the holiday you need!