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Travel Insurance Pays


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We often refer to the high cost of medical treatment when travelling – especially on a cruise – but have you ever worked out how much a travel insurance claim could be worth?

Even “basic” treatment on board a cruise ship is far more expensive than anything you’d pay on land, and of course there’s no NHS to cover medical costs when you travel. (An EHIC card has its limitations too!)

But what if you break a leg, or if something more serious happens?

The following claim, paid out earlier in 2018, totalled almost £50,000.00

It shows how a relatively small investment in travel insurance really can make a life-changing difference….


Medical Care Can Seriously Injure Your Bank Balance

(But only if you don’t have the appropriate travel insurance or cruise insurance policy!)


What happened?

·         Mr and Mrs X booked a 2-week Mediterranean cruise.

·         Midway through the cruise Mr X suffered a heart attack.

·         He was treated on board for a day, before being offloaded to a hospital in Jordan.

·         Three days later he was sufficiently stable to be repatriated to the UK from Jordan.

·         The flight landed at Stanstead and he required an ambulance ground transfer to his local hospital in Nottinghamshire.


The repatriation used a scheduled airline with nurse escort. The nurse was flown out from the UK the day before; she made sure she was happy with the patient and his condition, and the next day she admitted him into her care and managed the transfer from the hospital onto the flight.

A 9-seat unit was required to accommodate Mr X’s stretcher, oxygen and medical supplies.

The costs, as you can imagine, were astronomical.


On board medical charges*                US$10,500  (+-GBP8,274.00)

Medical costs in Jordan                      GBP 14,750

Nurse escort and repatriation             GBP 19,500                                                                               

Loss of cruise                                      GBP 2,500

Mrs X accommodation and flight       GBP £3,575


Total Claim                                          GBP 48,599


Nurse excort and repatriation included the flights (nurse return / Mr & Mrs X one way). wheelchair, airside transfers, ground transfers, nurse fees, medical onboard fees, provision of oxygen, and flatbed requirement.

The total insurance premium paid was GBP481.00 – a tiny fraction of that total cost.


Doctors Across Borders 

A recent post on a cruise website forum complained of being charged US$1,200 for a quick visit to the doctor, and pills to help with vertigo.

Also consider that if you fall ill when you’re travelling or on a cruise, there may not be a suitable hospital nearby, so in addition to all the medical costs you’ll have transport costs too.

It’s absolutely essential to include all stops along your travel route when you purchase your travel insurance policy so that medical evacuation can be appropriately covered. This of course applies on a cruise when you’re likely to be visiting remote islands, but it’s equally important if you’re travelling to a remote town in the Alps, a French vineyard – or anywhere that may not have full hospital facilities on its doorstep.

Be prepared with the appropriate travel insurance or cruise insurance policy, and relax with the knowledge that if anything does go wrong, we’ve got you covered.


Standard Inclusions In Our New International Cruise Insurance:

In addition to unlimited emergency medical cover (based on your disclosure of pre-existing medical conditions) and medical repatriation, and all the cover you’d expect from a policy such as hospital benefit and emergency dental expenses**, every cruise policy includes:

·         Cruise Interruption

·         Unused Excursions

·         Missed Port

·         Withdrawal of Services

·         Travel Delay

·         Travel Disruption

·         Natural Catastrophe cover

·         Scheduled Airline Failure

·         Money and Passport cover


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*All costs on board a cruise ship are charged in US Dollars.

** These are a few details only – for full terms, conditions, inclusions & exclusions please read our Policy Wording.