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Travel Alerts: 8 July 2019

Every day, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues notifications regarding health and safety, natural catastrophes, advice against travel, warnings about political activity or demonstrations, strikes, and many other global events and updates that can affect us when we travel.

Below are some of the most recent notifications relating to potential travel destinations – but please note, this is not a complete list, and it’s always a good idea to check the FCO website for your destination before you book and before you depart.




Date Issued


On Thursday 4 July, an earthquake struck southern California. The magnitude 6.4 tremor was centred about 125 miles northeast of Los Angeles in the remote Searles Valley area near where Inyo, San Bernardino and Kern counties meet.

There have already been a number of aftershocks – including one on 5 July with a magnitude of 7.1 – and these are likely to continue.

There are reports of fires and other damage in affected areas. If you’re in the area, you should follow local media for updates and follow the advice of local authorities (who have declared a state of emergency).



Addition of information and advice on glacial flooding in Mulakvisl during July 2019



Health section – addition of information if travelling with medication.



There was a volcanic eruption on the island of Stromboli, Sicily, on Wednesday 3 July; local authorities have responded and are monitoring the situation.

There are no reports of significant impact on populated areas, but local authorities are assisting those on the island who wish to leave; if you’re in the area, you should follow the advice of local authorities.



Electric scooters are available as a means of transport in and around Copenhagen and other locations in Denmark.

Electric scooters are subject to road traffic rules; hiring and using these scooters under the influence of alcohol could result in a drink driver offence and a fine.


Hong Kong

Update on protests on Hong Kong Island; if you’re in and around areas where demonstrations are taking place, follow the advice of local authorities and move away quickly to a safe place if there are signs of disorder.



On 26 June 2019 a fatal shark attack took place in The Bahamas.

While this is a very rare occurrence, the Bahamian authorities have issued advice urging the public to exercise extreme caution in and around the waters of New Providence, adjacent islands and cays.



Terrorism section and summary – updated information on the types of locations that may be at higher risk of attack.

Read more about terrorism and the current situation in Tunisia on our specialist site, Safe Journey >>


Summary and Terrorism section – updated information and advice following 2 suicide bombings targeting security personnel in central Tunis.

If you’re in Tunis, remain vigilant, keep up to date with developments and follow the advice and instructions of local authorities.



Mugging and pickpocketing can be accompanied by violence in areas popular with tourists in Santiago and Valparaiso.

You should be vigilant; don’t carry large amounts of money, your passport (a photocopy is sufficient if needed) or wear valuable watches or jewellery; avoid using your mobile phone in the street.

Local authorities recommend you do not resist the muggers.


St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Entry requirements section (St Helena Visas) – an Entry Permit costs £20 and allows a stay of up to 183 days; the fee can be paid in British Pounds, Euros, US Dollar, or South African Rand; you will need to provide evidence of a return ticket, or funds for a return ticket, medical insurance, adequate accommodation and sufficient funds for your stay.



Summary – updated information on air pollution management measures; cities may limit vehicle access to town centres and main roads, including the Paris region.



Entry requirements section (Visas) – updated information on visa processing times and biometrics.

Cruise ships – updated information if your passport is lost/stolen while ashore.



As of 24 June 2019, the only legal tender in Zimbabwe is the “Zimbabwe Dollar”; there is a shortage of physical cash and it’s currently not possible to make cash withdrawals using an international bank card; you should check with your tour operator or hotel what payment methods will be accepted.


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