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Travel Alerts: 23 July 2019

Every day, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues notifications regarding health and safety, natural catastrophes, advice against travel, warnings about political activity or demonstrations, strikes, and many other global events and updates that can affect us when we travel.

Below are some of the most recent notifications relating to potential travel destinations – but please note, this is not a complete list, and it’s always a good idea to check the FCO website for your destination before you book and before you depart.




Date Issued


Addition of information and advice on extreme temperatures forecast across most of France in the week commencing 22 July


Hong Kong

updated information and advice on current period of protests and demonstrations.



Extremely hot weather is currently affecting areas of southern and eastern Canada; temperatures are set to peak over the weekend. Please see the Canadian Governments Weather Site for advice and information.



Extremely hot weather is currently affecting a large area of the mid west and east coast of the United States; temperatures are set to peak over the weekend. Please see the National Weather Service website for advice and information.


Updated information on a state of emergency declared in Louisiana and a local flooding risk across several states following impact of Tropical Storm Barry on 12-14 July



On 20 July 2019, British Airways announced that it was suspending its flights to Cairo for seven days. If you are due to travel with British Airways, you should contact the airline on 0844 493 0787 for further information.



A reported 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred on 19 July in Magoula, Attica region, and was felt strongly in Athens; local authorities are responding; if you’re in the region you should follow the advice of local authorities; further information is available on the Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection website



Entry requirements section (Departure tax) – there is a departure tax for leaving Dominica; as of 1 April 2019 the amount increased to 86 East Caribbean Dollars; in most cases, the tax is included in the cost of your plane ticket, but you should check with your travel agent before travelling to confirm.


Costa Rica

Latest update: Summary – update to information on disruption to local travel due to protests; check local traffic information before planning your journey.



Revised information on protests linked to the yellow vest (gilets jaunes) movement.



Natural disasters section (Monsoon season) and summary – addition of information and advice on heavy rainfall in the southern belt of Nepal since 11 July.



Safety and security section (Transport safety) – reports of robberies on interstate transport and at bus stations.



Summary and Terrorism section – updated information on extension of state of emergency.



Summary and Safety and security section (Crime) – The States of Emergency in the parishes of St James (which includes Montego Bay), Hanover and Westmoreland have been extended to 13 August 2019; a State of Emergency is also in place until 21 July in part of the Parish of St Andrew, which includes areas of Kingston.



Does your travel insurance policy cover things like natural catastrophes or terrorism? They’re often limited or excluded so check your policy wording carefully. OneStop4 travel and cruise insurance policies can include Catastrophe cover of up to £1500 and Disinclination to travel due to terrorism cover of up to £2000 per person*.

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