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Top New 2019 Cruise Destinations

What’s your dream cruise itinerary… would you sail down a river on a luxurious, smaller ship or experience the thrills of a huge floating city, complete with live shows – and even a rollercoaster? Do you want to soak up some island sun, explore ancient ruins and fascinating cultures, or keep things cool in Greenland, Alaska and the Arctic? It’s all possible!


Hottest Destination

Cuba is where it’s all happening in 2019! Havana has become a popular “mass market” destination since 2016, says Bloomberg News, but now luxury cruise lines like Silversea and Seabourn are getting in on the action too.

Havana will be celebrating its 500th anniversary in November 2019, so if you’re after parties and festivals, look no further!

You’ll soon be able to cruise from New York to Cuba with Carnival – most sailings embark from Florida – and Norwegian will also be offering more ways to get to the islands.

There’s so much more to Cuba than lazing in the sun, so be sure to choose your shore excursions ahead of time! There are beautiful flamenco nights, fascinating city tours, swimming and snorkelling, as well as options to see the countryside and experience Cuban culture.

Remember that activities such as jet skiing, hot air ballooning, wind surfing, and scuba diving do require additional cover. It’s always a good idea to check before you go if your planned activities require extra cover, and make sure you’re fully prepared.


Sea, Sand and Sun

Egypt and Turkey are said to be becoming more popular cruise options despite their relatively high ranking on the Global Terrorism Index. Many cruise enthusiasts are choosing luxurious Nile cruises to take them to attractions such as the temples of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. Once again, remember that the ever-popular camel trekking and scuba diving at Egyptian resorts needs to be included in your travel insurance policy.


Cooler Climates

According to Bloomberg News, Alaska is expecting a record 1.36 million cruise passengers to visit in 2019. Glaciers are the thing to see here of course, and there’s an ever-growing number of cruise options to take you there.

For something a bit further off the beaten track, Greenland’s fjords and whale watching are becoming a lot more accessible. Previously only visited by very basic expedition ships, you can now enjoy the luxury of a 500-passenger hybrid electric cruise with Hurtigruten, which features an infinity pool to complete your cruise experience.


River Relaxation

We’ve all heard a lot about river cruises along the Danube and Rhone, but experts say the top new European waterway is Portugal’s Douro.

Travel journalists from the Telegraph to Cruise Critic have been talking about the Douro River’s sunny splendour, starting in beautiful Porto and floating you past valleys, vineyards, palaces and cathedrals, close to the Spanish border. It’s said to be perfectly peaceful – ideal if you want to relax and revitalise.

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