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The Only Way To Save 20% Off Your Base AND Medical Premiums!


Many travel insurance providers will offer you a discount, but most of those only apply to the base premium and leave you to pay the full medical premium. Check when you apply and see what that discount actually amounts to!

We do things differently here at OneStop4, and we’re discounting those medical premiums too! As far as we know, we’re the only ones doing this…


Seeing Is Believing

To demonstrate the difference our discount makes, here’s a real-life example of a policy purchased recently by a couple travelling to the Canary Islands for 2 weeks.

They’re 73 and 79 years old, and each have a few pre-existing medical conditions.

Traveller 1 – Hypertension and Deep Vein Thrombosis

Traveller 2 – Angina with multiple stents and bypass surgery; Diabetes Mellitus with recent hypoglycaemic episode


Their chosen cover included:

·         Unlimited medical and medical repatriation expenses

·         £400 Emergency Dental Treatment- each

·         £5000 Funeral expenses- each

·         £1000 Extension of stay- each

·         £1500 Family / travelling companion support each

·         £375 Hospital Benefit- each

·         £500 Catastrophe cover- each

·         £1000 Curtailment- each

·         £1000 Cancellation- each

·         £3,000 Personal Accident Cover- each

·         £50,000 total Legal Expenses

·         £2,000,000 Personal Liability- each

·         £250 Personal Money- each

·         £500 Loss of Passport- each

·         £50 or Free Lounge access for Travel Delays- each

·         £500 Missed departure- each

·         £1000 End Supplier Failure – each

·         £1500 additional Natural Catastrophe cover – each

·         £1000 Disinclination to Travel due to Terrorism – each


For all of the above cover, their base premium was £42.24


Medical premiums were:

Traveller 1 - £22.00

Traveller 2 - £365.94


Thanks to our 20% discount, they paid:


Total Premium                        £430.18

Less Discount 20%                 £86.04


IPT 20%                                  £68.84

Total to pay                             £412.98


For Comparison

If the 20% discount had only applied to the base premium as most insurance discounts do, their total discount would have been £8.45, i.e. they would have paid

Base premium:           £42.24

Less discount           -£ 8.45  

Medical premium 1:    £22.00

Medical premium 2:    £365.94



IPT 20%                      £84,35

Total to pay:                £506.08


That’s quite a difference! And all you have to do to get that discount for yourself is purchase via our website.

Quotes are simple, carry no obligations, and it’s so easy to try a few options for cover and compare. See the savings for yourself!