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Summer Cruises: 2020 Vision


If you’ve not yet booked a cruise for this summer there are some good last-minute options available, but booking ahead for Summer 2020 can give you better deals, plenty of time to plan, and a much wider variety of options.

With the appropriate travel insurance, you can book well in advance, secure in the knowledge that your holiday investment is covered in case an unexpected health challenge crops up. You can even insure your trip in case a non-travelling relative’s health takes a bad turn – read more about that here.


What does Summer 2020 have in store?

Cruise options never stop changing and expanding.

Back in 2017/18, it was predicted that this year would see around 26 million cruise passengers sailing worldwide. All expectations have been surpassed though, and current numbers for 2019 are around 30 million, according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). And there’s no doubt that will continue to increase.

The industry is ready to meet the growing demand with 24 new cruise ships scheduled to set sail next year, according to Cruise Critic – that’s in addition to the 24 new ships scheduled for 2019!



CLIA’s 2019 Outlook features some interesting trends that are shaping the growth of the cruise industry, and theyir influence is showing up in many of the cruises we can now book for 2019, 2020 and beyond.


  • “Instagrammable cruise travel”

Most of us are using some form of social media by now, and the draw of destinations that look good on Instagram is hard to ignore.

What does that mean for us? Even more picturesque destinations – whether you or not you share those photos is entirely up to you – and more photo-worthy experiences on board too.


  • “Total Restoration”

We’ve already seen an increase in on-board spa treatments, luxury experiences, and all-round healing and wellness on cruises and shore excursions – particularly from luxury cruise lines.

The increasing demand for pampering and holistic wellness means more cruises of the future will cater to special dietary needs, spa treatments, on-board yoga and pilates, and much more.


  • “Achievement over experiences”

Whether you want to walk part of the Inca Trail or complete a workshop with a celebrity chef, travel and cruise experts are talking about achievements rather than experiences.

You can experience the beauty of Monaco, for example, but you can also tick items off your must-do list such as watching the Grand Prix or completing an expert wine appreciation course. Find out which experiences a cruise can offer.


  • “Access is the new luxury”

Cruise ships can now take you to previously inaccessible destinations like the Galapagos Islands or the Arctic without sacrificing comfort or quality. Read more about unusual destinations and luxurious expeditions here.


  • “Going Solo”

More and more travellers are choosing to travel solo. In the past, this mostly applied to young backpackers, but these days travellers of all ages are able to enjoy a cruise or a holiday without worrying about getting lonely.

Cruise lines recognise that many passengers are sailing solo and offer more opportunities than ever before to meet fellow passengers and make new friends – both on board in classes, demonstrations and other activities, and on shore excursions.

The number of female travellers is also growing substantially, reports CLIA, and many travel companies are creating cruise packages suited to ‘ladies only’ breaks – with activities, pampering sessions and shore excursions designed accordingly.


New Itineraries

With all these new trends and changes, new itineraries are of course on the cards for 2020 sailings.

Princess Cruises has new itineraries for destinations as diverse as Alaska, the South Pacific, and even Jerusalem/Galilee setting sail in 2020, or why not try something like Celebrity’s Calgary Stampede which will call at the Hubbard Glacier during the summer months?

Some of the most popular Summer 2020 cruise destinations include the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and the Norwegian Fjords (imagine 24 hours of sunshine!), and Croatia. Let your imagination run wild!

Smaller ships and river cruises are also on the 2020 radar, so don’t forget those when you scan your options.

Wherever you decide to cruise in 2020, we hope it’s your best summer ever.