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Sometimes Non-Travellers Need Travel Insurance Too!


Ever had to cancel or curtail a holiday because a relative fell ill back at home? Did you have a stressful time cutting short your trip, getting back to take care of them, and then on top of it all having to quietly pay for unused accommodation, car hire or excursion bookings, and extra flights or trains?

When it comes to the special people in our lives, we believe money shouldn’t be an issue, and returning to take care of a loved one shouldn’t have to cost you so dearly. That’s why we now offer an option on our International Travel Insurance policy that covers these cancellation and curtailment situations. It’s ideal if you have immediate family whom you know not to be in the best of health. This enables you to still plan trips with the peace of mind that you won’t end up paying the cost should their health deteriorate.



Immediate Relatives With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

A couple were visiting the USA when the man’s sister was admitted to hospital as her breathing – a problem for some months – had become worse. Of course, they immediately booked a flight that would get them home the following day and didn’t give another thought to missing the remaining 10 days of their trip.

Once his sister began to recover and left the hospital a week later, the couple tried approaching their airline and hotel. Their holiday had been fully paid in advance through online bookings, and they wanted to explain the situation and discuss refunds for some or all of the unused flights and accommodation.

They were in for an unpleasant surprise. The airline offered discounted flights for a future trip (although in a limited time frame) and the hotel referred them to the terms and conditions on their website. As they had booked a discounted rate, there was a “no refund” policy.

After weeks of negotiation and endless emails, the hotel agreed to refund 30% of the unused portion of their booking.

Had their travel insurance policy included cover for a non-travelling immediate relative with a pre-existing medical condition, they would have been able to recover just over £650 each for their unused flights and accommodation and the policy would have paid for their return flights back to the UK too – but more conveniently, the 24 hr assistance team would have been managing their emergency travel bookings. Leaving the couple with less stress and hassle at a time when they least needed it.



Travel Companions Too

It’s all very well having your own travel insurance, but what happens if your travel buddy’s health – e.g. a usually well-managed heart condition – makes it impossible for them to travel? 

You may want to stay home and look after your friend, and are unlikely to want to spend a week wandering the markets and siting on the beach all by yourself.

If you aren’t on the same travel insurance policy as your travel companion, you can choose to add this very handy bit of cover for cancellation and curtailment.



Think About It

If there’s even a small chance you’ll need this cover, it’s important to consider early on. You can only add cancellation and curtailment for a non-travelling relative or travel companion with a pre-existing medical condition when you make the initial travel insurance purchase.

Whew, that’s a mouthful! What it means is you can’t add this cover at a later date, so it’s worth considering carefully.

For more information on these options or if you have any other questions about travel or cruise insurance, please get in touch!