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So Where Will 2019 Take You?


Every so often a piece of research comes across our desks and grabs our attention – so we thought this piece of global research from the Institute for Economics and Peace might just shed some light on the burning question at this time of year – where shall we go on holiday?

Global Terrorism Index 2018 - Institute for Economic and Peace


Uncertainty prevails about the ‘B word’, so putting Europe aside – where else is there that might be jolly nice to visit, for a change of scenery?

On the Global Terrorism Index, countries with the lowest score have experienced the least amount of terrorism/threat of terrorism:

Using this research and looking straight at the bottom of the list -  for the safest, least troubled places that are peaceful (shaded green and yellow in the list) and are easily reachable - these are our selected destinations to consider:

Oman  - has to be top of the list (having visited twice) I can certainly say it’s a lovely country with fabulous hotels and pretty beaches, lots of culture, some amazing sights and scenery, and offers experiences that you may not yet have had – it is very different from neighbouring Dubai. We swam in a sink hole, drove across, over, up and down – sand dunes the size of small mountains in the desert, watched turtles on what looked like wild unforgotten beaches, explored and picnicked by wadis, ate amazing food, sampled hundreds of varieties of dates and of course shopped some souks. Direct flights from the UK, or a simple change in Dubai where transfers are quick, easy and regular. Once there it’s not expensive either if you don’t want it to be – we found some super local restaurants and loved every minute. Just be aware of local customs which are not onerous and simply respect their culture, which is strong. Would definitely head back again.

Cuba – there are some great deals to Cuba, and even though Cuba has opened its doors wide to tourism, especially as a cruise ship destination – it’s still really possible to see old Cuba whilst enjoying modern amenities. Worth considering.

New Zealand – yes it’s a very long way, BUT….. well worth it. Hiring a camper van or small motorhome is definitely the best way to experience New Zealand – and means you can set your own agenda, timings, stay where ever and for however long you like. My parents did exactly this a few years ago (they were in their late 70’s) and had the best holiday ever. Its got to be worth considering – the scenery is truly spectacular, and they broke the driving with a few day trips and boat rides. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Argentina – as of last month, there is now one flight direct to Buenos Aires weekly from Heathrow. Whilst there explore La Boca before heading off on some adventures - so Argentina is now available and would be very interesting to visit – you have the Iguazu National Park and Iguazu Falls, Statue of Christ the Redeemer on the border with Chile high up in the Andes, the Perito Moreno glacier is breathtakingly awesome and Cueva de las Manos is a cave or a series of caves located in the province of Santa Cruz, 163 km south of the town of Perito Moreno. It is famous for the paintings of hands. The art in the cave dates from 13,000 to 9,000 years ago. Several waves of people occupied the cave, and early artwork has been carbon-dated to ca. 9300 BC. The age of the paintings was calculated from the remains of bone-made pipes used for spraying the paint on the wall of the cave to create silhouettes of hands. The Southern Fuegian Railway or the Train of the End of the World is a 500 mm gauge steam railway in Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina. It was originally built as a freight line to serve the prison of Ushuaia, specifically to transport timber. It now operates as a heritage railway into the Tierra del Fuego National Park and is considered the southernmost functioning railway in the world. Ushuaia is where ships to Antarctica commence their passage – so would make an ideal place to head off to Antarctica on an exploration style cruise ship to see some extra wonders. If I had a block of a few weeks available to just travel for pleasure - this would be my choice.


Check out the research for yourself and see what you think – please send a postcard and let us know where you ended up and what was great about wherever you visit. We just love receiving postcards from our clients and don’t forget to get your travel insurance sorted as soon as you have booked – all our clients receive 20% off their total premium (inc cover for medical conditions) if they get a quote online. You can still of course call us free on 0800 848 8448.


Happy adventures in 2019.