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Snapshot: A Week Of Travel Upsets






Travel insurance has already been hard at work this month!

September’s wild weather has caused countless cancellations and delays – not to mention potential loss of property – and that was before the warnings for Hurricane Florence began. 


03/09/2018 - Flooding

Carnival cruise passengers were stuck in Galveston, Texas when flooded streets prevented them from getting to and from their ship.

Passengers reported being stranded “in the middle of the water” after disembarking, and some were seen walking through the flooded streets, carrying their luggage – we wouldn’t be surprised if there was some water damage!

Those trying to board were delayed in reaching the ship, but it isn’t clear if anyone missed their cruise as a result.


04/09/2018 - Typhoon

In Japan, 3,000 passengers were trapped when a typhoon flooded the runway at Kensai International Airport. All flights from the island were cancelled after a tanker hit a bridge, causing knock-on delays to thousands more travellers.

The storm also passed over popular destinations such as Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, with a total of 800 flight cancellations.

Nine cities and towns issued compulsory evacuation orders, and another 53 issued “non-compulsory” evacuation advice, according to CNN.


05/09/2018 – Airline Quarantine

This wasn’t a natural catastrophe, but serious delays and missed connections resulted when an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York’s JFK was held in quarantine.

Ten people out of the 521 on board were taken to hospital, and were eventually diagnosed with the flu, but more than 100 had reported feeling unwell during the flight and as a result the entire aircraft was held in quarantine.


06/09/2018 – Earthquake

Japan was struck again – this time by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake, taking at least 39 lives and leaving millions without power overnight.

Collapsed roads, landslides, and damaged buildings continue to divert travel, and aftershocks are still a possibility.


We hope that travellers affected by these incidents are safe and sound, and that they had the appropriate travel insurance to cover any losses, delays and cancellations.

Cover for natural catastrophes is so often limited or excluded, but many travellers assume it’s standard. Read your policy wording carefully, and get in touch if you aren’t 100% sure – we’re here to help!

Even better: if you purchase directly from our website, you get an automatic 20% discount on all cover – including catastrophes – now and always.