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Fall In Love With Luxury Cruise Trends

2019 is all about exclusivity in the world of cruising, with top luxury trends like smaller ships, immersive experiences, and different styles of accommodation.

Virgin Voyages’ ‘Scarlet Lady’ which opens for booking on 14 February and sets sail in 2020 is a fantastic example of tailor-made luxury. The adults-only ship features cabins and suites for couples, groups of friends, as well as solo travellers, with ocean views from 93% of all cabins.

The Mirror reports that 86% of cabins will have a terrace, complete with custom-designed hammock. Some luxury suites will even feature “runway-style” tables on their terrace, which are supposed to be perfect for dancing on. We don’t think dancing on the tables at sea is all that advisable, but it’s all part of the rock star luxury image that the cruise line is aiming at.

This is the first of four planned luxury ships for Virgin Voyages, who will be adding even more exclusivity with a private, tropical-themed terminal in Miami.


More Than Experiences

The Maritime Executive lists “achievement over experience” as one of its big trends to watch for 2019. This refers to immersive experiences in which you actually learn or make something.

Classes and workshops with top chefs are one of the most popular types of “goal-oriented” experience, but cruise lines are constantly exploring new options such as expert-led historical cruises, cycling and walking challenges, and cruises with a special interest theme such as French architecture.


Smaller Ships

Some travellers prefer a large cruise ship with every conceivable option on board, while others prefer a smaller, quieter cruise experience. Fortunately, we can all find the cruise environment that’s perfect for us amongst all the luxury cruises that are available.

Smaller ships are trending in a large part due to the popularity of river cruises, but there are plenty of smaller sea cruises too, ranging from luxurious yachts to suite-only cruise liners with personal butler service.



Sustainable, conscious travel is already a priority, and luxury cruise lines are making sure they play their part in preserving the environment.

Luxury Travel Advisor mentions that in addition to demanding responsible use of energy, recycling, and other “standard” environmental actions, luxury cruises are catering to travellers who want to have a more positive impact on communities, exploring cultures and interacting with locals, rather than just sightseeing.


Booking Ahead

Tom Baker, as quoted by Luxury Travel Advisor, notes that cruise passengers are booking further in advance. That means you need to book far in advance too to secure your dream itinerary and cabin/suite, and to take advantage of great deals.

Of course, when booking ahead your cruise insurance is your safeguard in case anything happens that means your plans change, so check the standard cover as well as optional cover to protect your investment appropriately.


Coming your way

According to Luxury Travel Advisor, a few more fabulous cruise trends on the horizon include:

·         Multigenerational family travel – Trips for grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, and large family celebrations are getting luxury cruise treatment.

·         Even more culinary options – Food and wine pairings, even more exotic cuisine options, cooking lessons, and more shoreside dining opportunities.

·         More active and wellness programming – From spas and wellness treatments to hiking and diving, luxury cruises will offer even more health and wellness opportunities.

·         Growing focus on customised personal arrangements – On board and on shore, the trend is exclusive and tailor-made for your enjoyment.