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Even More Summer Holiday Deals


If you’ve not yet booked a summer getaway, there are still some surprisingly cost-effective options to be found.

The Times reports a “surge in late deals as operators feel the pinch” of fewer bookings due to Brexit worries earlier in the year and a fabulous summer last year.


The Brexit Effect

Many people put off booking their summer holidays when we were still expecting to leave the EU in March, and a lot of those decided on a staycation just to be safe. As you must have heard, this created a serious drought for hotels and other travel-related businesses’ bookings.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) reassured and continues to reassure travellers that even if we leave without a deal, British passport holders shouldn’t need a visa for shorter trips – at least as far ahead as 2020.  

As long as your passport has good validity (at least 6 months from the date you depart) you should be fine after a 31 October exit, so please check your passports and renew them now if you need to.

Unfortunately we also have to contend with a pound that’s weaker against the Euro than we’d prefer, which makes a holiday that much more expensive and makes travellers less likely to book. “For six months, tour operators have held their nerve,” says The Times. “Now, with a lot of breaks left on the shelves as we bask in the British weather and watch sport on the box, they’ve bottled it.”

In other words, expect to see a lot of new deals coming up over the next couple of weeks!

But be warned, the poorly named European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will not provide you with access to free healthcare in Europe if we exit the EU without a deal, and it will take time for Reciprocation Agreements to be put in place after 31st October, if this happens. If you book a late deal and your travel is going to happen after 31st October, you need travel insurance in place as soon as you book your trip.

Check the policy you buy does NOT have any Brexit related exclusions. We have seen one policy with this exclusion and there could be others. (Don't worry, that doesn't apply to any onestop4 policies!)


Where To Go

Italy is one of the destinations with the biggest savings, according to the Times, which mentions discounts of 35-40% on a week’s holiday in places like Lombardy or Costa Blanca.

If you’re looking at an Italian break, make sure their recent volcanic eruption is a good distance from your route and hotel. Although that eruption seems to be over, there’s still a possibility of more smoke and ash delaying or cancelling air travel in the vicinity. (See the latest OneStop4: Insights for more about the volcano and safety.) Volcanic ash cover should be included in all good travel insurance policies – but check before you buy because ultra-cheap policies will exclude this.

Other destinations offering amazing deals for July and August – featured by The Times in another article – Include Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Portugal, Netherlands, and the Baltic states. They also suggest enjoying the summer sunshine in destinations traditionally thought of as winter wonderlands, such as the Austrian Alps or Norwegian Fjords. And of course, if you scan cruise websites you’re sure to find some last minute deals there too.

We had a quick look at and found fabulous deals for Amsterdam, New York, Costa Brava, Cancun, and many more – and we’re sure many other tour operators and travel agents will have their own special offers.

Advice from The Times’ travel team is to be flexible with dates and we completely agree – prices can differ significantly if you adjust by a few weeks, or even a few days. So have a good look around and find your ideal summer deal!

Wherever you go this summer, our 20% discount is here to help you save too, and all you need to do to get that discount is purchase through our website. That 20% applies to all premiums, including your medical premium – because we’d like to add even more sunshine and spending money to your next trip.