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Cruise News - Summer 2019

There’s never a dull moment in the world of cruises, and the industry is predicting even more growth over the next decade.

Cruise Industry News has recently published its annual report, which includes some interesting statistics:

- British cruise ships currently have capacity to carry 1.5 million passengers per year (i.e. during 2019)

- Another 500,000 British passengers will be sailing on non-British ships in 2019

- British ships’ capacity that is being marketed is more than 2.6 million passengers by 2027


Top Cruise Destinations

Cruise Critic has named Avignon as the world’s top cruise destination in its annual Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards. The rankings are based entirely on ratings given to cruise destinations by passengers.

The overall top 5 were:


  1. Avignon

“Quaint, intimate and chic,” Avignon was named top river cruise destination and top destination overall.


  1. Bora Bora

Cruise from Hawaii, California, Australia, or even from London and Southampton to this French Polynesian paradise.


  1. Glacier Bay, Alaska

With incredible scenery, majestic glaciers and humpback whales, this destination is a must-see. Most cruises to Alaska depart from US or Canadian ports.


  1. Vienna

Not often thought of as a cruise destination, Vienna is a magical city with easy access to the rest of Europe. Sail the Danube and enjoy world class art, concerts, food and wine.


  1. Singapore

From history and natural beauty to towering skyscrapers, there’s no end to the entertainment in this fascinating city-state.

Which have you visited, and which will you be adding to your cruise wish list?


Floating Hotels For Tokyo 2020

Concerns about an accommodation shortage for the 2020 Olympic Games have made Tokyo officials look into using cruise ships for the occasion, reports

A fleet of moored cruise ships could help to ease the shortage and house thousands of fans. No doubt many of them will book a cruise before or after the Games too, as there are some amazing cruise itineraries in the region.


Special Interest Cruises: How about a few rounds of golf?

As you know, more and more cruises are catering to special interests with tailor-made itineraries and on-board experts.

One Ocean Expeditions is creating dream experiences for golf enthusiasts and their non-golfing travel companions. In June 2019 they introduced a Scotland & Ireland Golf Expedition that was “an overwhelming success.”

“With a golf specialist onboard for guidance, golfers travel off the beaten track through rugged landscapes and historical greens,” reports

There will be another Scotland & Ireland golf cruise in June 2020.