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Brits Are Determined To Travel Again!


You might assume travel plans would be on hold for now, but our own experience is that people are actually looking to book foreign travel and indeed are doing so, for next year and even further ahead for cruise departures in 2022. Our managing director, Kate Huet, shares some useful insights and research on where travel is headed...

Unlike many of our competitors we are still fully open, taking your calls, helping our policy holders navigate their way to secure refunds or to defer policy dates as their plans get changed. We’re helping those who are ‘stuck’ overseas with much needed policy extensions.

We are also aware that many of you will be planning a staycation, in the belief it is safer than entering crowded airport terminals and aircrafts, for the time being.

Are these canny future thinkers bagging bargains? We think so, especially with 125% credits being offered to those whose 2020 cruises are not going ahead.

There are definite bargains to be had – if your crystal ball is telling you when travel – both within the UK and overseas – will once again be permitted.

Our experience is supported by recent research undertaken by Mail Metro Media (MMM), the media house that includes Metro, Daily Mail, Mail Online and related publications, which showed that:

  • 36% of Brits are “Looking forward to planning/booking again,”
  • and another 16% say they’re “Currently planning trips I would like to make.”


Are you a Globosapien?

Those research numbers go up considerably for younger age groups and young-at-heart travel enthusiasts – a group referred to in the research as Globosapiens: “These are those with a truly global outlook, for whom travel is a right and not a pastime,” explains the report, which goes on to provide a definition: “Passion for travel + One plus holiday + Like to try new places.” Sounds like a lot of our travel-loving clients, regardless of age!

41% of Globosapiens confirmed that they were currently planning trips, and 68% are looking forward to planning and booking again once restrictions are lifted.


Priorities: financial protection

There will inevitably be some changes to how we travel in the post-Covid world. The travel industry is busy planning how to protect us physically in the future – one airline (Emirates) is already testing for Covid-19 antigens at check-in. Many of us have been burned by cancellations, so we’re all going to be a lot more selective about how we make bookings, the providers we use, and how our travel investments are protected. The MMM report indicates how we think we can be better financially protected:

  • 40% of readers said they would favour booking with a “reputable agency or company”.
  • 32% would also want guarantees from the agent or company.
  • 1 in 5 (20%) of those surveyed did not have travel insurance when their bookings were cancelled due to Covid-19
  • But close on half of all respondents now say being covered by travel insurance is more important to them for future bookings.
  • When it comes to the 55+ age group who tend to have far more financial sense, almost 2 in 3 people (61%) say travel insurance is more important now.

It certainly is the case that those who made all their own travel arrangements have been left the most exposed financially.

Booking a future trip is all about trust and feeling confident that your travel investment is protected… This graph from the MMM report highlights the aspects of travel that Brits will now prioritise when they book.



There’s no certainty about when borders will re-open, and it’s unlikely that the world will open up again in one simple step. We know some countries right now are saying they don’t want Brits arriving on their shores (Cyprus). France wants to have the ability to keep its borders closed for as long as they like, irrespective of what the EU Parliament says, so understandably many Brits are favouring UK destinations when planning their itineraries.

  • 54% of all respondents said they believe UK travel restrictions will be lifted by September.
  • 57% think EU travel restrictions will be lifted by December 2020.
  • 37% said they would like to read more about UK holidays. There are so many wonderful holiday options within our borders, and we’re looking forward to exploring more of these!

Remember that travel insurance isn’t only necessary for overseas trips – UK holidays should be properly insured too, especially for protecting your payments for accommodation, as well as “the usual suspects” such as lost luggage, stolen items, delays, adverse weather and end supplier failure. Get in touch to find out about cover for local travel, as well as annual multi-trip policies, which you can purchase now for travel within the UK in 2020, as well as Europe and further afield in 2021.

When it comes to the type of holiday we’re after, city breaks and beach holidays are what Brits apparently want most (33% and 30% respectively) followed by spa breaks and scenic holidays.  Winter sports holidays were the least popular, with only 5% saying they would consider that as an option.


Have you started dreaming up some travel plans yet? We’d love to hear about it!