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Autumn Cruise Ideas

Caribbean cruises have been cancelled and rerouted due to Hurricane Dorian – reminding cruisers once again how important it is to have cover for natural catastrophes.

If you’re yearning for sun and sea, there are some wonderful itineraries and deals this time of year that aren’t in the eye of the storm.



Spring and Autumn are the seasons for moving cruise ships across oceans and hemispheres, and these are also some of the best prices for a long, relaxing cruise that you’ll find.

If you dream of blissful days at sea and can’t be bothered with all those ports and shore excursions, this is the cruise for you! With all that’s offered on board these days, you’re unlikely to ever get bored.

Most transatlantic crossings will be setting sail over the next few weeks, but many still have a last few cabins available.



It’s getting chilly in the UK now, but the shores of the Med will still be sunny for a while. There are some beautiful cruises around Greek islands, or why not try something a little different with Split and Dubrovnik – these are becoming very popular but aren’t quite as busy as Rome, Naples and Venice just yet.

We spotted a 15-night cruise from Southampton that includes Barcelona, Cannes, Florence, Naples, Venice and Santorini – and it departs in October so your return flight should avoid those annoying airline strikes!



It may not be sun-drenched and summery, but from late September you can enjoy the glow of the Northern Lights instead – along with some hot chocolate or brandy to warm you up.

The scenery is spectacular and Norway’s fjords are regarded as one of the most incredible natural sights to be seen.

You’ll find lots of specialist cruises here too – astronomy cruises are extremely popular, or you can go in search of wildlife with experts on whales and other amazing creatures that live on or around the shores.

It’s important to check what’s involved in shore excursions for these cruises – some just assume that a bit of hiking is fine while others provide a nice, comfortable snowmobile to get to special viewing points. You should also check what sort of clothing is required, as some provide coats for excursions but others expect you to bring your own.



Cruise Deals confirms that Hawaii’s oceans are still “gorgeously warm” in the Autumn, so you get all the enjoyment of a July/August cruise without having to deal with the crush of summer crowds.

The rainy season begins at the end of Autumn, but earlier in the season a bit of rain shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


River Cruises

Most river cruises – especially in Europe – shouldn’t be affected by hurricane season. The weather is getting cooler but the magical experiences of the Rhine, Danube, castles, wine districts and historic sites are as warm and welcoming as ever.

Once again, look for special interest cruises as there are many – from art and opera to medieval Germany or the marvels of Eastern Europe. River Voyages has some fabulous luxury options available for this Autumn.


Before you sail away, make sure your cruise insurance covers what you expect it to – even if you aren’t going anywhere near hurricane zones, there are plenty of other natural disasters that could creep up on you. Be safe, not sorry, with the appropriate cover – and get an automatic 20% discount on all premiums, including medical, when you buy directly from our website.