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All Aboard For Even More Savings!


Our new website is live and we’re super-excited – it looks beautiful, and we’ve made it even easier for you to use.


You can navigate from our home page to find all the news and information you need, just like before.

Either click on the links at the top of the page, or scroll down to read about standard inclusions for cruise and non-cruise policies.  



New Look. New Benefits 

While the appearance has changed, you’ll still know us by the logo in the corner! Our commitment to providing excellent value, comprehensive cover and peace of mind remains exactly the same too – we have added quite a bit though, so you now get even more cover with a standard policy.

You can now also get multiple quotes, safely store your details, and save endless time and money thanks to our user-friendly upgrade.

And don’t forget… ALL policies purchased directly from our website will ALWAYS get an automatic 20% discount. That’s a promise.

The 20% saving applies to medical premiums too (not something you’ll find with many other travel insurance options!) because we want to provide the best value for every customer, every time!


Six Simple Steps To Your 20% Discount


1.    Visit our new website… it’s at the same address as always:

2.    Click “GET AN INSTANT QUOTE” in the block on the right of the screen

3,    Create your personal, secure account

Start by filling in your travel details. Most of the answers can simply be clicked on from a drop-down menu, or they’re quick to type in.

If you’re not sure about your Travel Area, click the ? right next to that question – you’ll see a full explanation!

You’ll see a link on the right to a Q+A Guide which answers a lot of questions, but feel free to give us a call if you need any assistance with the new website or choosing the most appropriate policy – we’re always happy to help!


4.    Click “Next Step” at the bottom of each page to proceed.

You’ll see an estimate appear on the right of the screen now, and you can add things like an excess waiver or winter sports cover, and see how this affects the cost – so easy!

Next you’ll be asked to enter personal details. Data security is more important than ever, and our site is as secure as can be, to ensure that your information remains confidential. You can read our full privacy policy here.)

Then it’s on to pre-existing medical conditions. As always, it’s essential to include absolutely ALL medical conditions – even if it’s well-controlled or you never worry about it. Not making a full disclosure can make the entire policy invalid, which means claims cannot be paid out at all.


5.    A BIG Bonus

 Do you have someone close to you who is not travelling with you, but who isn’t well and whose condition may mean you need to cancel or curtail your trip?

 We’ve made it really simple to add that cover to your policy so you can book in advance without a worry.

 You’ll find this just below the questions about pre-existing medical conditions, and it’s a breeze to fill in!



6.    Next you’ll be able to see the final cost, and review exactly what cover is included in that premium.

You can buy online right away, or save the quote. And remember, you can get as many quotes as you like on our website – as long as you buy directly from us online, you’ll get a 20% discount every time!


Making Life Even Easier


Once you’ve entered your details, an account will automatically be created for you.

It’s a good idea to change your password to something you’ll remember easily, so you can login and be taken directly to your saved quotes.

You can edit a saved quote any time before you buy – as many times as you like – and you don’t have to fill in all that information again. Simply go to your saved quote and change the relevant details, e.g. extra cover for personal possessions.


If you’d prefer to receive your travel insurance documents in the post, check the box at the bottom of the final page. We post free of charge.


How much can you save on financial protection for your next holiday or cruise?