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ABTA Report: Brits Want To Save More And Keep On Travelling!

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has released its 2019 Travel Habits report, and budget is one of the biggest trends.

Rather than taking fewer holidays, ABTA’s research shows we’re “cutting back on spend before and whilst away on holiday,” and booking at alternative (cheaper) times of the year.

ABTA found that on average, we cut back on spending by £98 for the year in 2018 (compared to 2017 figures) but we’ve still had plenty of fun.


It’s all in the numbers

88% - almost 9 out of 10 Brits – have taken a holiday in the last 12 months. That’s the highest percentage since 2011!

ABTA’s report is filled with fascinating statistics:

  • 7 in 10 of us are planning an overseas holiday in the next 12 months.
  • Package holidays have increased in the past year
  • 18% booked a personalised package holiday in the last 12 months
  • Long haul trips are increasing
  • 55% stayed in 4-star accommodation
  • 84% of British holidaymakers visited Europe in 2019 (slightly fewer than last year’s 87%)
  • 72% of all Brits have taken a local holiday in the past year


Saving Wisely

If you’re looking to keep your budget a little smaller on your next holiday without downgrading, there are plenty of smart savings options. Travel during the “low” season when flights and accommodation are cheaper; find local deals on tickets, attractions, meals and shows; eat in lovely local hidden gems instead of expensive high street restaurants; avoid expensive “touristy” souvenirs and support local crafters and artists…

Watch out for expensive “savings” though!

  • A cheaper flight could take you to a more remote airport, so you end up spending even more on a taxi to your hotel.
  • A cheaper hotel could be far from the attractions you want to visit and take up hours of valuable time just getting there and back each day.
  • Skipping travel insurance is the biggest “savings” mistake some travellers make, and it can cost thousands if you fall ill and have to pay for expensive medical care, which may even require up-front payment. With Brexit fast approaching, travel insurance is even more important as our EHIC cards may not provide any access to medical care in Europe. However, BBC research indicates that Spain has agreed a reciprocal healthcare agreement with the UK. The UK Government has not yet commented on this.
  • Leaving out details or entire medical conditions in an attempt to make travel insurance a few pounds cheaper can invalidate the entire policy – it’s really not worth it.

Don’t worry though, travel insurance can be extremely cost effective. You can get an automatic 20% discount on your travel insurance premiums – including medical premiums – simply by purchasing through our website. 


A change is as good as a holiday…  

Our travel habits are changing, says ABTA, and British travellers are finding great value in new options and destinations.

We’re looking for more personalised holidays, along with the value of a package deal, and we expect high standards.

Traditional favourite destinations such as Spain are still extremely popular, but a lot more people are also visiting places like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. If you do choose one of these more exotic destinations, it’s important to be aware of potential issues such as political tensions and terrorism, and make sure your travel insurance policy provides the appropriate cover.

Also ensure if buying a package holiday, that you obtain the ATOL Certificate that will protect you. France’s 2nd largest budget airline yesterday went into receivership, indicating that budget airlines are continuing to struggle in the current economic climate. For those booking their own flights and accommodation, End Supplier Failure or Scheduled Airline Failure is part of a good travel insurance policy, will provide the protection that otherwise you would have with an ATOL Certificate against airline closures.

“The travel industry is continually adapting to the changing expectations of customers;” says ABTA Chief Executive, Mark Tanzer, and we’re pleased to confirm that the same is true for travel insurance.

With Onestop4: just as package travel is becoming more personalised, you can adapt your travel insurance policy to suit you perfectly - there's comprehensive standard cover, plus great options such as extra peace of mind, a policy excess waiver, car hire excess insurance (read more about that here) and even cover for non-travelling sick relatives in case their condition requires you to cancel or cut short your holiday.

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