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2020's Top Cruise Destinations

Hot new cruise destinations include the Chilean Fjords, Iceland, and the islands of Southern Japan… but there’s still so much to see and do with new itineraries, themed cruises and tailored experiences in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and other old favourites!

Where will 2020 take you?

Looking for adventure

Afar lists Reykjavik-Oslo as its favourite itinerary for 2020 because there’s so much more to see from your private balcony on a luxury cruise liner, and you don’t have to spend all those hours in transit on land. Sounds good to us!

The fjords may not be as warm as sun-drenched beaches, but there are plenty of summertime cruises to this magical part of the world, Many sail from Southampton too, so you don’t even have to worry about flying!

According to the same author, five star luxury is now a viable way to see the magnificent Galapagos islands, with Silversea’s Baltra-San Cristobel itinerary second on their list. On these fabulous cruises you can take in fine dining, on-board spa experiences and all the other cruise essentials, as well as small group shore excursions to see the unique flora and fauna that was previously only accessible to very few.

There may be required fitness levels for these excursions though, so please check with your doctor before booking, and ensure that you have the appropriate activity cover in your cruise insurance. It won’t be a huge extra expense.

Plus you’ll get 20% off all premiums if you buy through our website – that includes medical premiums too, and is the only place you’ll find that!

Rounding off Afar’s top three is Tokyo-Taipei for a cruise rich in culture and atmosphere in this majestic region.

Most trips to Japan centre around Tokyo, but there’s so much more to see than the bright lights and big city. Mountains, limestone caves and coral reefs are just a few of the natural wonders you can experience, and then there’s the tranquillity of rural life in villages still relatively unaffected by tourism. It’s a treat for all the senses.


More Top Picks

Time magazine also featured Japan as a top pick for 2020, and mentioned the excitement around upcoming new private islands in the Bahamas – more on those coming up!

Kinsale, Ireland was an unexpected 3rd place pick from Time. The explanation is fascinating too – many people are travelling to explore their family roots and history, and small harbour towns like Kinsale are attracting smaller, boutique luxury cruise ships.


Far from the madding crowd

If you want to avoid large crowds, take note of the busiest ports.

A website called (what a brilliant idea!) expects 2020’s most crowded ports to be:

  1. Cozumel
  2. Miami
  3. Nassau
  4. Barcelona
  5. Port Canaveral (Orlando)
  6. Civitavecchia (Rome)
  7. George Town (Caribbean)
  8. Palma de Mallorca
  9. Fort Lauderdale
  10. Marseille


Old routes, new experiences

Cruise lines are making private islands and beaches a big focus for the future. These private paradises in the Caribbean are perfect for soaking up some sun, enjoying a range of watersports, and indulging in delicious cuisine. Many lines say their ships will be spending more time at these exclusive ports so passengers can take their time to relax and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Many private islands are getting an upgrade this year – from water parks and luxurious beach clubs to full-day experiences. 2020 will also see a marine reserve created by MSC, and an oceanfront lagoon with spa, private villas, bars and restaurants from Norwegian.

Have you been to any of the top new cruise destinations or private islands? We love hearing about your adventures!

Wishing you sunshine and smooth sailing for 2020!