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Archives From August 2018

Travel Insurance Pays

We often refer to the high cost of medical treatment when travelling – especially on a cruise – but have you ever worked out how much a travel insurance claim could be worth? Even “basic” treatment on board a cruise ship is fa

Choose Your Brand Of Luxury Cruise

Luxury has gone far beyond the comforts of a 5-star hotel. When it comes to cruises, ultimate luxury could be fine wines and silver service dining, but often there are also magnificent excursions, all-inclusive opulence packages, or unique on-board e

All Aboard For Even More Savings!

Our new website is live and we’re super-excited – it looks beautiful, and we’ve made it even easier for you to use. You can navigate from our home page to find all the news and information you need, just like before. Either click

Soaring overseas medical costs

UK travel insurers paid out around £3.9 million a week for the medical treatment of Brits abroad last year – the highest amount for six years. That's over £200m a year just in medical costs - but these figures need some better under

August 13, 2018