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From The MD's Desk: Inside The World Of Cruise Insurance

When it comes to insuring cruises, we’re proud to say our Managing Director Kate Huet is one of the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on the topic. Kate is a leader in the travel insurance industry – in additio

Holidays Boost Health!

We all love going on holiday, but did you know there’s official data that proves it’s good for us in the long term? In fact, travel can boost our physical and mental health, wellness and relationships. The Matador Network lists six scienc

Cuba Cruise Chaos

The United States has changed travel regulations and no longer allows cruises to Cuba by US-based vessels – this includes cruise ships, yachts, and even fishing boats. The ban was put into effect on 5 June, taking many travellers and cruise ope

Summer Cruises: 2020 Vision

If you’ve not yet booked a cruise for this summer there are some good last-minute options available, but booking ahead for Summer 2020 can give you better deals, plenty of time to plan, and a much wider variety of options. With the appropriate

The Real Value Of Travel Insurance

Imagine an investment of £50-£150 that could pay out £100,000 or £300,000… Would you hesitate to invest? What if opting out of that relatively small investment could cost you £1,000 or even £100,000? That&rs

On Track Under The Sea!

NEW UNDERSEA RAIL LINKS PLANNED The world’s longest undersea rail link is set to add an exciting new option for visitors to the north, linking Helsinki, Finland with Tallinn, Estonia – two of Europe’s most intriguing cities. With

Cruises and Bad Weather - What's Covered?

A few UK newspapers recently featured a Suffolk couple who lost their court case against a cruise line following a cruise experience that didn’t meet their expectations. There are many things a cruise insurance policy can cover, but lack of enj

Diverse Wildlife - From The Comfort Of A Cruise

From Scotland to the South Pacific, cruises can open up a whole new world of wonders. With luxury cruise lines like Silversea now sailing to destinations that were once only visited by hardy expedition crews, today’s traveller has access to a w

Travel Myths Busted

When should you book to get the best rates? Are city breaks better on weekdays? Common lore says “Tuesdays” and “Always” respectively, but while this may have been the case in the past, the world of travel is a very different

Sri Lanka - Change To Travel Advice

As of 16:00 on 25 April 2019, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) now advises against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka. This means that most travel insurance policies (including ours) won’t cover travel in, to or through Sri Lanka