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Travel Insurance That WILL COVER a Sick Relative

It’s a problem many of us face: we’re desperate for a holiday, but we have an immediate family member who is not in good health, and we know our trip would depend upon them being well enough for us to travel. There are three different app[…]

Top New 2019 Cruise Destinations

What’s your dream cruise itinerary… would you sail down a river on a luxurious, smaller ship or experience the thrills of a huge floating city, complete with live shows – and even a rollercoaster? Do you want to soak up some island[…]

The Only Way To Save 20% Off Your Base AND Medical Premiums!

Many travel insurance providers will offer you a discount, but most of those only apply to the base premium and leave you to pay the full medical premium. Check when you apply and see what that discount actually amounts to! We do things differently h[…]

January 07, 2019

So Where Will 2019 Take You?

Every so often a piece of research comes across our desks and grabs our attention – so we thought this piece of global research from the Institute for Economics and Peace might just shed some light on the burning question at this time of year &[…]

Brexit and Travel

As you may have heard(!) there’s a draft Brexit deal on the table (585 pages) and as expected, it’s the subject of all sorts of debate. We definitely don’t want to argue or take sides, but we’ve been keeping a close watch on d[…]

Festive Season Safety

Security is on everyone’s mind at this time of year. Read through these safety tips and share them with your travel companions so you can all be more prepared and take more control of your safety. Terrorism Threat Within the UK, the threat o[…]

World Cruise To-Do List

The end of the year is almost here, and that means World Cruise passengers set sail very soon – some of you have less than a month to go! Any cruise needs a little preparation, but when you’re going to be away for weeks and months at a ti[…]

Cruise To The Future: Bookings Are Now Open For 2021

2021 conjures up images of robot waiters serving cocktails on a cruise through space; of flying taxis, voice-activated champagne dispensers… Ok, maybe that’s just us. But it does seem far off in the future, doesn’t it? In fact, th[…]

Does An Airline Owe You Money?

We all hate flight delays and cancellations! Even a short delay can result in a breathless sprint between connecting flights (definitely not what we signed up for!) and in extreme cases it can mean missing connections, losing a day or two out of a tr[…]

Comparing Cover

Comparing Policies And Costs Not all travel insurance policies are created equal – far from it. We’ve mentioned before that you really need to check your policy wording, as those super-cheap deals can become very expensive if you’r[…]