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Don't Worry, Travel Happy!

What are your concerns when you plan a holiday or a cruise? Do you worry that weather will get in the way of having a good time, or do you have medical issues on your mind? The latest annual cruise survey by a US travel insurance comparison website r[…]

Don't Get Left Behind

“I don’t need a list, I’ll never forget something important like my passport!” That’s what almost everyone says, but according to a survey by Sainsburys Bank, 1.4 million UK travellers have forgotten a passport or some […]

Cruise News: February 2019

Planning a cruise? Here’s news from around the world that could help you find what you’re looking for… Suite River Life A new suite-only ship is being launched on the Rhine by Avalon Waterways in 2020. This will be the cruise lin[…]

A World Of Choices

When we plan our holidays, we like to make every detail count. Of course there are the basics like flights and accommodation that are so important to get right, but then there’s finding the right balance of relaxation and activities, local show[…]

Fall In Love With Luxury Cruise Trends

2019 is all about exclusivity in the world of cruising, with top luxury trends like smaller ships, immersive experiences, and different styles of accommodation. Virgin Voyages’ ‘Scarlet Lady’ which opens for booking on 14 February a[…]

Cruising: Expect The Unexpected

A free extra night at sea may not sound too bad, but when you expect to reach a port on a certain date – and have booked shore excursions or even flights based on that plan – those extra 24 hours could be a lot less welcome. That’s […]

The Lowdown on Brexit and Travel

The latest newspaper headlines warn of road trip upheavals and millions of flight cancellations in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Should you be concerned, and can you safely book that summer holiday? We don’t have a crystal ball – that wo[…]

How Stable Is Your Airline?

Stability once you’re up in the air is most people’s main concern, but we’re talking about stability on the ground: the financial sort. Is there really much chance of another airline going insolvent though? Well, yes… these […]

Say No To Norovirus

A January 2019 cruise had to end early because almost 500 people on board took ill. Tests are still underway, but the suspected cause is Norovirus – the gastrointestinal virus dreaded by cruise companies and their passengers around the world. I[…]

Travel Insurance That WILL COVER a Sick Relative

It’s a problem many of us face: we’re desperate for a holiday, but we have an immediate family member who is not in good health, and we know our trip would depend upon them being well enough for us to travel. There are three different app[…]