Wedding / Civil Ceremony Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance specially for your Wedding / Civil Ceremony abroad.

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Wedding / Civil Ceremony Travel Insurance

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Whatever your reasons for deciding to get married or have your civil ceremony abroad – the image of a ceremony on white sand beaches is so appealing and romantic, but you need to consider that you will be taking with you items of greater value than you would normally take on a holiday. Therefore your travel insurance needs to protect and provide for a higher value of personal possessions, think broader than clothes and jewellery. Gifts taken out by friends or family need to be brought home too.

Therefore we have a special insurance for those tying the knot abroad, and can offer much higher sums insured for clothes, jewellery and gifts for a very small additional premium.

The travel insurance we offer for weddings and civil ceremonies overseas is exceptionally comprehensive and also caters for those with extensive pre-existing

medical conditions.

If there is a group of you travelling in the party – you can all be insured together, or simply just insure yourself and your partner.


If you would prefer to speak in confidence to one of our travel and health specialists who will be happy to answer questions and arrange your insurance over the telephone, please call us FREE of charge on 0800 848 8448 (Calls to this number are free from a landline.) now. Or simply click on Get a Quote and you can arrange this insurance yourself immediately.

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