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This ultra simple insurance is there to cover just the excess on a travel insurance policy. It’s as simple as that. The sums insured extend from £100 to £2500 so if you find your policy has an excess loading applied (maybe due to a change in health, just before you travel) this will step in and take the financial pressure off you if you need to make a claim.

In the UK this is a new type of standalone insurance, but elsewhere it is very established, very popular and makes great sense.

The TravelXSProtect policy is an annual one – therefore it will protect excesses on a travel insurance for a period of a year and that may mean you have a few policies during that period, its not linked or locked onto any specific policy – its just there if you need it.

If you make a claim and use TravelXSProtect to settle the excess on your claim – then you simply buy another policy to replace it. Its cheap, highly affordable and can save you thousands of ££££’s.

There is no medical screening, simply a quick application and away you go…


If you would prefer to speak in confidence to one of our travel and health specialists who will be happy to answer questions and arrange your insurance over the telephone, please call us FREE of charge on 0800 848 8448 (Calls to this number are free from a landline.) now. Or simply click on Get a Quote and you can arrange this insurance yourself immediately.

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