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International Cruise Insurance

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onestop4: know that if you are cruising then you need a Cruise Travel insurance which offers you comprehensive protection and total peace of mind. So you are in the right place! This insurance policy was designed specifically by us based on what we know to be the real needs of a cruise traveller. Cruises present different risks to a land based holiday, with onestop4: cruise insurance you can set sail with total peace of mind.


onestop4: cruise policy highlights include:
Cancellation cover for the full invoice value of the holiday e.g. cruise, transfers, hotels if you extend your trip, transport from home to the point of embarkation and all your flights are covered if you need to cancel, curtail or abandon your holiday. We don't set a ceiling of £25,000. If you are taking a high value cruise we cover the full invoice cost, even if that is £100,000 or more.

If you are booking a last minute cruise and you don't need cancellation cover – you can save money and deselect this option. The same applies if your home insurance covers your possessions away from home – deselect personal possession cover and save money. We don’t believe you should pay more for cover that you don’t need, or already have protection for under another insurance policy.

We love mature travellers too - we therefore will cover up to age 100.

You can also use this travel insurance if you are extending your cruise and staying away for longer. The maximum duration of your total trip covering your cruise and travel extensions can last for up to 183 days.

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions is also available - subject to acceptance following a FREE, FAST medical screening. Please note that there may be an additional premium required to cover some specific health conditions.

This policy will also protect you to the full invoice value, if the company with whom you are cruising, or the airline on which you are flying, or the hotels in which you are staying become insolvent prior to your departure, and in the instance that this happens after you have departed, you are covered for the costs to return home too.

If you are booking and pre-paying for on-shore excursions we cover these too – please be sure to tell us if you are undertaking any unusual activities.

Please call us on 0800 848 8448 (Calls to this number are free from a landline.) for your FREE, FAST medical screening or use the above link to ask us to call you. One of our highly trained medical team will undertake the screening for you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this insurance. Medical screening for our Cruise Insurance is not available online, any quote you self generate through this website for our Cruise insurance will not cover your pre-existing medical conditions, for which an additional premium may need to be charged.

Our Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance, Platinum Single Trip Insurance and Fit-4-Travel insurance schemes will also cover cruise holidays, please refer to the individual scheme Policy Summary documents for details of this cover and especially the amount of cancellation cover available as this varies by scheme.

We can also organise your cover over the telephone - remember if you prefer to talk, we do too!

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