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Uninsured man stuck in Egypt

Slipping on a marble floor leaves man penniless and stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh

Posted on 20. March, 2014

After being in a coma as a result of slipping on a marble floor outside a restaurant in Sharm and receiving significant head injuries, a British man has awoken finally in Sinai Clinic Hospital and found that he has to pay bills of £700 a day for his hospital care. Uninsured and unable to pay these costs, he has had to leave the hospital find a cheap local flat and as a day patient return to the hospital for necessary treatment.

Unfortunately these accidents do happen and uninsured travellers take huge risks when they are victim to unexpected medical emergencies.
Sharm is actually not one of the most expensive areas in which to fall ill - America could easily be 10x per day more expensive.
Many travellers choose not to insure. The case is cut and dried, if they require assistance then they will have to pay, but what about those who buy insurance and are "selective" about the information relative to their current and historic medical conditions that they need to provide - what happens if they make a claim?
In our experience every case is individually reviewed by a number of qualified people, to establish if the ommission of information was deliberate or inadvertant. If proof is presented that indicates a deliberate action then a claim is highly unlikely to be settled.
When you consider that the cost of covering medical conditions represents a tiny fraction of the costs if a claim is made then one wonders why the traveller took this course of action in the first place.