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Fish2Fly Insurance launch

Posted on 10. February, 2014

In the next week we will be launching our new insurance scheme specifically for Anglers. We'd like very much for your members to know about our new insurance and to allow Angling Clubs and Societies to benefit financially from helping us to promote this insurance to their members.


        • Word of mouth is the most potent form of advertising. We would rather pay those who promote this sport and support their members, than pay to advertise Fish2Fly in the media.
        • We would like your support to achieve this goal.
        • In 2012 we provided for Angling Times their own Angling Insurance, and we were disappointed in their lack of support, and interest despite what they knew was a much needed scheme for the UK's most popular past-time. This resulted in the scheme being withdrawn due to lack of uptake sadly at the end of last year.
        • Yet, we had done our homework and we knew Anglers find it incredibly hard to insure their equipment and really cant afford to replace expensive equipment that gets stolen or damaged as quickly as they would like to.
        • We know that this new scheme both improves upon and replaces Tacklesafe and offers more cover at a lower cost - simply because we dont have to pay commission to media owners.
        • We would rather pay commission to you - the people who make this sport what it is.
        • onestop4: is a trading name of International Travel and Healthcare Limited, we have been around since 2005 and specialise in the more niche types of insurance.
        • Fish2Fly can be purchased to just cover Anglers and their tackle, or can have at a low additional cost a fully comprehensive travel insurance - complete with cover for pre-existing medical conditions added on too, which makes it perfect for any other travel and of course family holidays too.
        • If you would like to know more then please get in touch with us today.
  • 01689 892 228 or 0800 848 8448 or email