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Common Excuses for Not Buying Adequate Travel Insurance

Common Excuses for Not Buying Adequate Travel Insurance

Posted on 15. January, 2014

Common Excuses for Not Buying Adequate Travel Insurance

Each year, millions of people risk travelling without adequate insurance, with some industry experts predicting that around 20% of UK holidaymakers travel without cover. Although there are cases where people enjoy their holidays with no complications, unexpected events can occur at any time. Many people have found themselves stranded and helpless on holiday because they have no insurance, which has resulted in them having to pay lots of money that could have been covered by a policy. Here are some of the common excuses people make for not buying adequate travel insurance.

It's too expensive:
Many people choose not to buy travel insurance because they believe it is costly. However, compared to other forms of cover, travel insurance is surprisingly inexpensive. Like with other cover, such as car and home insurance, the best thing to do is shop around for the best deal. One thing to remember, however, is that the cheapest cover may not necessarily be the best cover, and it may be worth spending a little more money for insurance that covers more and has less excess, for instance.
I won't qualify because of my health and/or age:
Some people travel without cover as they believe that they wouldn't qualify for it. However, contrary to popular belief, people of all ages and health conditions are able to buy travel insurance. Some insurers may exclude certain groups, but there are also many companies with tailored policies to suit different people.
I am travelling somewhere with few risks:
It is not uncommon for people to evaluate their destination and not buy cover because they believe the area does not carry much risk. However, as aforementioned, something unexpected can occur on any trip, regardless of the destination or the duration of the holiday.
Getting insurance is a complicated process:

Some people believe that buying cover can be a complicated process. However, buying insurance can be as simple as filling out a form, making a phone call or visiting a local insurer. It is also equally as simple to obtain travel insurance quotes, enabling you to shop around easily for the provider that best suits your needs.
Insurance companies never pay out:

There are also many people that do not buy cover because they believe that the insurer won't pay out. It must be remembered that insurance companies are there to cover and protect you on your travels, not to rob you of your hard-earned money. There are instances where people have claimed on their insurance only to find that the policy does not cover what they are claiming for. This is not the fault of the insurer, however, but the fault of the customer: it's crucial to read the small print of every policy and familiarise yourself with what the insurance covers before making your choice.
I'm fit and healthy – why spend money on insurance?

It's the unexpected that can and does happen unfortunately – it also happens to other people, perhaps family members, which might mean you have to curtail your holiday and head home quickly  - last minute flights are the most expensive, a travel policy would pay for these if you have covered curtailment. 

By Kate Huet