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New Costs for Visitors to Dubai

Dubai Starts Charging Visitors For Travel Insurance

Posted on 2. January, 2014

From the beginning of December, Dubai started charging visitors to the country AED45 (£7.48) for a travel insurance certificate. Without this document a visa for entering the country will not be issued. 

Charging visitors for travel insurance is a growing trend that we are seeing as Governments (inc Thailand recently) have woken up to the fact that many people entering their territories are doing so without Travel Insurance, thus placing a burden on their financial resources to provide medical care should the traveller get into difficulties.
The news follows the introduction of a government ruling which made health insurance required by law for all visitors and residents alike.
While the Health Insurance Law was announced in late November, and despite the fact that it states the new ruling will be applicable from 2014 onwards, those who have applied for visit visas have reported that the law had been enforced already.
The individual health policy for single entry visas for 30 days costs AED45. For 60 days travellers will be charged AED75 and for 90 days the insurance policy will cost AED95. Those who want to stay for longer periods will have to pay AED185 for 180 days. The insurance policy will cover emergency treatment up to AED150,000, but people aged 70 to 84 will need to pay a deductible of AED2,000. In case of accidental death in the United Arab Emirates or for repatriation of remains, the insurance policy will cover costs up to AED7,500.
We understand that this limited Travel Insurance provision will only be used if the traveller has no Travel or Health Insurance at all, but is a cost that all travellers will have to face on entry into the country.
We don't advise anyone to rely upon this provision, the amounts are meagre and not reflective of the actual costs we know could apply. For instance repatriation of remains back to the UK is in the region of £10,000 and not the £1254 that the scheme makes provision for. Similarly the £25,000 of medical costs provided would only buy a few days in ICU so our advice is to ensure you have adequate protection before you travel.
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By Kate Huet