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Winter Sun And Winter Sports

Be Prepared For Anything

Posted on 19. October, 2017

Idyllic island escapes recently became a nightmare for many due to hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Katrina and Maria, with evacuations, power outages, and extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure. Travellers and locals alike had to be rescued, lives were lost, and many people were injured.... Read more

Christmas Market Safety

Plan ahead with peace of mind

Posted on 19. October, 2017

We’re heading into the last few months of 2017 and while we’re still trying to work out where the year has gone, we’re rather excited because it’s time to plan some fabulous festive getaways!  Read more

Cruise News

October 2017

Posted on 19. October, 2017

Winter may be on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, but there’s no shortage of cruises to enjoy – and no shortage of cruise industry news either!  Read more

Travel Industry Shows Resilience

Growth is back on track

Posted on 19. October, 2017

Have you considered cancelling a holiday due to terrorism? Soon after an attack that’s not unusual, but our research shows that time does heal and travel is, by many accounts, extremely resilient.  Read more

Monarch Ceases Trading

All flights cancelled

Posted on 2. October, 2017

Monarch's airline and tour operator operations have ended as of 2 October 2017, and all flights have been cancelled - including those scheduled to depart today.  Read more

Ryanair Fiasco

How do EU compensation rules protect you.

Posted on 20. September, 2017

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have said that Ryanair has "admitted it is to blame" for the large number of cancellations, making it the first port of call for alternative flights or compensation. Read more

Cruise Ships to The Rescue

The recent spate of hurricanes may have shifted ships off their normal itineraries, but bravo to them for being part of the relief effort now much needed in parts of the Caribbean.

Posted on 13. September, 2017

Harvey. Irma. José. Katia. A seemingly unending onslaught which caused disruption but no loss of lives on board and no lost ships either. Cruise Critic reported that 20 cruises had been cancelled, 16 sailings shortened, and 16 itineraries altered. Although disruptive, it could have been... Read more

Cruise News: September 2017

Cruising just keeps getting better!

Posted on 4. September, 2017

World cruises are the biggest topic of discussion right now, but there are plenty of other goings-on in the world of cruises! Here are the highlights that floated our boat…  Read more