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Malaria Myths and Must-Knows

Prevention is essential

Posted on 11. May, 2018

25 April was World Malaria Day, and it was used by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and many others to highlight the risks of the mosquito-borne disease to locals and travellers alike.
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Fabulous February Cruise Deals

Have you booked yet?

Posted on 8. February, 2018

Cruise fanatics will know this is the time of year when cruise prices hit incredible lows, and this week we’ve seen some unbelievable specials advertised in newspapers and on various cruise websites. Read more

Winter Sun Cruises

There's still space on some February, March and April sailings

Posted on 29. January, 2018

We all deal with winter pretty well in December with all the Christmas cheer, and January is ok too, but by February we’re craving sunshine!  Read more

Time Is Money

Purchase your travel insurance when you book your trip

Posted on 29. January, 2018

Travel insurance is so often a last-minute purchase – something many travellers remember somewhere in between buying extra sunblock and locking their suitcases, but that can be a costly mistake.  Read more

How Safe Journey Can Help You

Case Study: Terrorism at the Louvre

Posted on 29. January, 2018

When we’ve told you about Safe Journey before, we have explained that it covers you if you’re directly or indirectly affected by an act of terrorism when you travel, but what could those indirect... Read more

Don't Delay: Get It Checked Out!

Take care of yourself - on holiday and at home

Posted on 29. January, 2018

Nobody likes going to the doctor but ignoring aches and pains in the hope that they’ll just go away can make things ten times worse – especially if you’re travelling or on a cruise, and that illness or injury stops you from enjoying your trip, or even leads to serious... Read more

Off-Season Specials

9 ways to get more out of your travel deals

Posted on 29. January, 2018

Better prices, better service, shorter queues, room to move… travelling after the crowds have gone home is a win every time! 
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Is Your Cruise Helping Or Harming The Environment?

Innovations can help to make cruises greener than ever

Posted on 18. December, 2017

There have been many concerns over the pollution associated with cruises – from waste generated on board to the large amounts of fuel required and the impact on global warming. Fortunately, cruise companies (and the shipping industry as a whole) are taking this very seriously and the... Read more

FCO Launches Travel Aware Campaign

Focus on travel health and safety

Posted on 18. December, 2017

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has introduced a campaign to help travellers improve health and safety before, during, and after their journeys. Read more

The Golden Rules of Travel Insurance

Know your cover!

Posted on 18. December, 2017

If ever there was a financial product that people seem to take for granted, it's travel insurance. As one journalist wrote recently, “We leave it until the eve of our journey to buy it. We quickly purchase it online, if we bother at all. We buy on price. We don't read the policy.” Read more